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3 candidates: Qualification program - ACE

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Program for self-paced candidates to become qualified as Approved Consultant and Educator (ACE) in Project Business Management for 3 candidates. The qualification during the Approved Consultant and Educator program develops the fitness of a professional, who helps client organizations - sellers or buyers - do better project business. ACEs are consultants, trainers, coaches, Academic instructors, and others serving their clients as a source of proficiency and knowledge. The ACE title, the certificate, and the logo for publications communicate this achievement to the market. Details: https://www.project-business.org/programs/ace-qualification. This offer includes a 16% discount for three individuals undergoing the self-paced qualification process. Please provide an administrative contact. The price includes 1 year of Affiliate Membership (Basic) for each participant. For questions and further details, please contact info@project-business.org.

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