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  • 3rd Open Hour: Project Business in Times of Crisis

3rd Open Hour: Project Business in Times of Crisis

  • 20 Aug 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Online


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20 August 2020, 17:00 CEST (see in your time zone
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Project Business in Times of Crisis - Troubles? Chances?

Project business, possibly more than most other businesses, is heavily impacted by the current crises.

Covid-19 is such a crisis, of course.

The political landscape is another cause of concern. Countries that tightly cooperated in the past are becoming antagonistic, making their borders less permeable for people and goods and banning corporations from one country from doing business with partners in another.

Environment is another factor of crisis. Climate change is happening around us, making the weather less predictable and weather extremes far more frequent and damaging.

Some markets in project business are suffering heavily from these external influences. Others seem to benefit from the crises. 

Let's discuss among contractors and customers in project business: How do these (and some more) crises impact your project business? How can we resolve problems and exploit opportunities?

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The Open Hours of the Project Business Foundation

This is a series of free virtual and open conversations about project business, provided by the Project Business Foundation, the home association of organizations and individuals in project business.

Professionals from both sides - project customers and contractors - are welcome, as are trainers, consultants and writers in the field. We are expecting lively conversations about project management and about the commercial and legal aspects of project business.

Participation is free, but the number of seats is limited. Please book early to participate.

Let's talk.

Note: We, the Project Business Foundation, may record the Open Hour. Sections of the recording may have your name or face visible or include your verbal contribution - which is highly welcome. By participating in the session, you grant us the unconditional right to use the recording, in full or in parts, including such sections, without restrictions and free of charge.

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