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  • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • 23 Mar 2021
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • online

Your Project Business in Crisis? Realize your options with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)!

A 1-hour panel conversation presenting the broad palette of ADR options designed to help Project Managers move project business forward, when cross-corporate disagreements threaten to derail overall project success.

This event is your free introduction to these crucial project-salvaging, but often overlooked tools!

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Join our three experts

  • Peter Heink
  • Sarah Schütte
  • Vladimir Vencl  

reflecting on your different options to resolve conflict, turn contract parties into project partners, and get everyone re-focused on "Mission Success First". 

The relationship between customer and contractor in project business can be highly fruitful and beneficial to both sides, creating maximum value for the collaborative mission. Due to the nature of high risk project business though, this relationship is fickle and exposed to always-looming disagreement on the basis of misunderstandings, differing business interests and other causes of conflict. 

There are ways of dealing with these situations professionally and productively. Get your free introduction to these tools as part of the fundamentals of Project Business Management. 

The panel


Peter Heink
 Sarah Schütte
Vladimir Vencl

Lawyer, specialist attorney for construction law, Heink Rechtsanwälte


QED Construction Consulting Services doo


Martin Berneburg  
CEO Project Business Foundation

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Note: We, the Project Business Foundation, may record the Open Hour. Sections of the recording may have your name or face visible or include your verbal contribution - which is highly welcome. By participating in the session, you grant us the unconditional right to use the recording, in full or in parts, including such sections, without restrictions and free of charge. 

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